Travel day

Our flights today were all on time – first from Atlanta to Montreal and then from Montreal to Paris. I sat next to a guy from Canada on the way to Montreal. He told me that it’s a federal law in Quebec to have the French be above the English in the names of businesses. He said that even though his company does most of their business overseas, French still had to be above English on their business card. Quebec is really proud of their French history.

I think this whole ‘only speaking English’ thing is going to be harder than I thought. My French is pretty miserable and even in Montreal everyone speaks French. I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like in the other countries. I plan on going to ~12 countries, so I’m going to have to rely of my phrasebook rather than memorizing anything.

I think I got an hour of sleep on the Montreal-Paris flight over the 7 hour flight. The economy seats were pretty miserable and I would have paid a good chunk of money for an exit row. I’ll post another update once I get some more time.

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