Day 60: Interlaken

On Monday, the 12th, I got to sleep late because the Australian boy kept talking to me in the lobby while I was typing up blog posts.  I was planning on doing a bike ride on Tuesday, the 13th, but decided to wait until Wednesday after I got a better night’s sleep.  Instead, I rode my bike into town to get breakfast at a restaurant inside the local supermarket.

I spent the rest of the day lying out by the pool and taking some pictures throughout the city.

I didn’t get a good nights’ sleep on Tuesday night.  There was an older man sleeping in the 10-bed dorm I was in and was snoring incredibly loudly.  I honestly thought it was thunder at first.  I spent the rest of the night listening to my headphones just to try and drone out the noise.

After getting four hours of sleep (turns out waiting to get a better night’s sleep was a bad idea), I took my bike and spent the morning biking to Brienz, a small town on the other side of Lake Brienz.

Some daisies in a lakeside garden:

I was originally planning on doing the 20 mile loop around the lake, but when I arrived in Brienz, I realized that there was a train that would take me back to Interlaken.  Tired and hungry, I paid the 3.00 swiss francs to carry my bike on board and got back to Interlaken around noon.

When I got back to my hostel, first thing I did was switch rooms to a smaller six bed dorm.  It’s one floor below my old room, so hopefully I won’t be able to hear him through the ceiling.  I spent the afternoon doing laundry (which costs $10 per load) and catching up on some sleep.  I had dinner at a nice Swiss restaurant (at my mother’s recommendation).  I ordered cheese fondue and chocolate fondue – it was okay, but not sure it was worth the $50 I paid for it.  When I’m traveling, food isn’t something I like spending a lot of money on.  Give me a Kebab, and I’m perfectly content.

Tomorrow I think I am going to the St. Beatus caves in the afternoon. The weather isn’t expected to be that good, with rain in the morning, so I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing the rest of the day.

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