Day 61: Interlaken

Today was my last full day in Interlaken.  Even though I woke up early, around 8:00am, I felt well rested.  I got a much better night’s sleep than the previous night.  It was raining in the morning, so I took the time to write my blog post and upload some pictures.  Around 10:00am, I left my hostel and went to the main train station to make reservations for my train tomorrow to Venice.  My rail pass covers the actual ticket, but I have to make reservations since part of my trip is on a high speed train.  The trip will last about six hours, starting at 7:30am, with two transfers. 
After booking my trains, I decided to visit the St. Beatus caves, so I walked to the west train station to catch the bus.  After a twenty minute ride, the bus stopped along the side of a mountain road, at the base of the caves.
Leading up to the cave entrance was a series of waterfalls and bridges. 
The caves themselves were good (you couldn’t take pictures inside) but the tour was pretty underwhelming.  The caves were made famous by St. Beatus who killed a dragon there, and helped spread Christianity over Switzerland.  Most of the tour was in German though, and the parts that were in English were hard to understand due to our guide’s accent.  And at sixteen dollars, it was pretty expensive too.
After the caves, I got some dinner and then went back to the hostel.  After doing one more load of laundry, I packed my stuff and hoped to get a good night’s sleep before my 6.5 hour train ride tomorrow.

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