Day 63: Venice

Today was much better than the previous day, as far as temperature goes. I left my hotel room around noon and spent the rest of the day walking on the island. Venice isn’t too big, so other than my first day when I took a water taxi to St. Mark’s Square, I’ve been walking everywhere I go.

I didn’t do a whole lot, other than take pictures and eat gelato. I think I’ve had ten scoops of gelato since I’ve been here – I’m going to try and average three a day while I’m in Italy.

People in Venice get lost enough without having to follow misleading signs:

I did end up getting dinner near the waterfront. I started off with mozzarella and tomatoes, then had lasagna and grilled chicken. I was a nice setting overlooking the Basilica of San Giorgio Maggiore, even if the food was pretty expensive.

Tomorrow I head to Florence and besides a few museums, I’m not sure what I’ll do. I haven’t even looked at my guidebook yet, so I guess I’ll figure out what to do on my two hour train ride tomorrow.

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