Finally figured out how to get from city to city

Figuring out how to get from city to city isn’t too straightforward in the Balkans. Most of the places I’m going don’t have train stations, so it’s recommended to travel by car. Seeing as that isn’t very cost efficient for one traveler, (especially since you’d drop the rental off in a different country than where you picked it up), I’m going to try the buses.

I finally found all of the schedules online, so it shouldn’t be a problem. My main concern is traveling on September 10th when I have to go from Bosnia, through Croatia, to Slovenia in one day, taking a mixture of buses and trains.
In keeping up with the 21st century, I’m not printing out any confirmations for my hostels or bus schedules – I’ll save everything into a spreadsheet which will be linked to my phone and laptop via Dropbox. I’ve taken screenshots of the bus/train schedules and saved them in different tabs:
Something is bound to not work out perfectly, but it should go fairly smoothly considering how much planning I’ve done. 
3 more days…

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