Last day in Dubrovnik

Despite trying to talk myself out of it, I woke myself up at 5:15 am to take pictures while the sun was rising, after going to sleep around midnight.

It was neat seeing the city wake up and barely another tourist is site.
The Stradun before sunset
After grabbing some more pastries for breakfast, and walking by a market, I went back to the hostel at 7:30am, all of my other roommates still asleep. After looking through my pictures quickly, I fell asleep until 11:30am.
Morning market
I woke up and grabbed some fruit at the same grocery store I visited the past couple days. No issues this time with weighing the fruit before I got to the register.
I grabbed a local bus ticket for 12 kuna ($2), and went to the main bus station to buy my ticket to Mostar, Bosnia at 8:00 am tomorrow morning. I wanted to get a ticket for 1:15pm, but it was crossed out – which doesn’t match their website. The woman at the register asked me for my passport, which I didn’t have on me, but she let me use my drivers license instead. Most people traveling in hostels just leave their passport in their bag unless they’re traveling from city to city.
After getting my ticket, I took the local bus back to the hostel. I then went out and visited a war photography museum. It was pretty well done and it showed a lot of images in Mostar, which I’m visiting next.
Front desk
I got back from the photography museum and grabbed a Nutella and coconut crepe on the way back to the hostel. Dubrovnik is pretty touristy and isn’t known for its exquisite cuisine. Sure, it has some seafood options, but it mostly caters to the tourist crowd with pizza, gelato, and other simple dishes.
When I got back, I noticed two new backpackers grabbed the empty beds in my room – it seems like most travelers only spend one or two nights here. After resting for a bit, I went to grab a drink at Buza, a cliff-side bar that is attached to the city walls.
Unassuming gate in the town walls

Enter through here.
You actually walk through a hole in the wall and it’s pretty hidden so you have to look for it. Despite this, it’s pretty popular for cliff jumping and watching the sunset. If offers some of the best views of the Adriatic Sea in Dubrovnik for enjoying a drink. I guess you could call it a hole-in-the-wall dive bar. Anyone…? …no? Okay moving on…
On the other side of the wall…
…and this is the view you get

Island of Lokrum in the background
I watched some people jump as I drank a local beer. I moved from my table to get closer and met some Americans from DC and Philly. Some Canadians starting talking to us too and we starting taking hockey a bit – always a good conversation!
I set up my tripod and watched them jump for about 10 minutes while talking to the Americans. It was probably 40 feet to the water. After talking to them a bit, I decided I wanted to jump – and get a picture of it.
Trying to figure out who to trust my thousands of dollars of camera gear and wallet to is no easy task. But these guys looked pretty trusting.
I asked one of them to take my picture as I jumped. I climbed up got near the edge and waited. I wasn’t so worried about the height as I was slipping and hitting my head. All at once, I jumped out as far as I could and landed in the water. Not as bad as I thought! I climbed back up and saw the pictures he took, but he only got one of me.
I did it again, and this time he held the shutter down and got me from beginning to end:
It worked out perfectly. I climbed back up and thanked him. Sometimes you just have to trust people.

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