Ready to take off

Despite all my worrying, everything has gone smoothly so far.

Instead of using the drawstring workout bag, I put my carry on items in an fabric bag I had lying around. I got some bubble wrap and wrapped my camera, lens, and laptop and then taped them so it wouldn’t unravel. It looks ridiculous, but at least it will protect my stuff from getting bent/broken.
I ended up leaving my apartment around 1pm and got to Charlotte International in plenty of time. Security was a breeze, especially since I went through security gate E that was mostly empty; there was one person in front of me when I got there.

Because there’s no easy way to carry my bag, this is what I feel like walking through the airport.

My flight has been pushed back to 5:25pm, but I have a 2:45 hour layover in Munich so I should be fine. On the plane I hope to do some last minute planning and brush up on my 1990’s history. I found a 4.5 hour BBC documentary called “The Death of Yugoslavia” that covers the collapse and the wars that followed:

It will good to have an appreciation of the history, especially when I visit Bosnia. I’ll try to watch a couple hours of that before I try to sleep.
Alright, looks like its time to board. I’ll try to update again from Germany during my layover.

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