Shared my bed for the first time on my trip

Shared my bed for the first time on my trip

Well this was unexpected.

I came back from dinner and lied down in my bed. I heard some scratching, but I just assumed it was just loud sheets.

2 minutes later, my sheets are moving. I get up and chase this guy around my room for a bit:

 A baby squirrel!
Trying to hide in the curtains

I tried to catch it in a Pringles can, but was having trouble so I flag down someone in the hotel staff, who quickly called for backup.

They finally caught it by the tail and then hand carried it out of my room. I probably should have asked them to change the sheets, but I’ll just sleep in the other bed and ask them to change both in the morning.  It turns out my room is right under a tree and a window was open. Another interesting experience while traveling.

Now its time for sleep without any company, hopefully.

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