Travel Day(s)

Travel Day(s)

I’ve said in the past that the worst part about traveling is actually traveling, and that hasn’t been more true than today. While my flights went smoothly, I went a long time without sleeping in a bed.

I woke up early on Sunday and after leaving my car in long term parking, I checked my bag and passed through security – all before 5:15 am.


The first flight left Tampa, FL at 7:00 am for Minneapolis, MN. It was 33 degrees outside when we arrived and it looked miserable on the runway: lots of rain and not much snow. I sympathized with those who had Minneapolis as their final destination, but I still had 21 hours of flight time remaining.

After grabbing a quick panini (which included slided apples, brie, melted cheese, and ham), I made my way to the gate while noticing that I was the only on in the airport with shorts and a t-shirt on.

My first two flights were uneventful but long. While flying to Tokyo, I tried to determine the best way to attack the jet lag. I decided to stay awake with the exception of a couple short naps.

I arrived in Tokyo at 3:05 pm local time or 1:05 am Eastern time, both Monday the 22nd. I grabbed a quick dinner then boarded my 8 hour flight for Bangkok. I was surprised to see it took this long from Toyko but I guess this is due to the headwind and flying almost to the equator.


Finally at 11:15 pm local time I made it to Bangkok. Luckily, I upgraded my seat to economy plus and I was able to be 2nd in line at immigration. After a couple stamps I made it – I finally arrived in Thailand.

I picked up my checked bag (which made it through without any trouble) and looked for my hotel’s shuttle, but ended up giving ups and got a taxi instead.

My hotel was nearby so by 12:15 am I was ready to jump into bed. It was an exhausting 34 hours of traveling, but I’m really looking forward to what I have planned.


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