Busy travel day

The flight to Munich was predictable and went by pretty quickly. It was my first time flying with Lufthansa and I’d probably fly with them again. They handed out warm towels in economy class before meals and even though I turned down dinner, it didn’t look too bad.

Sleeping was a bit different though. By the time dinner service was over, it was already 2am local time in Munich, so I tried to get some sleep. I had a window seat but was only able to sleep ~2 hours. I passed the time by watching more of the documentary on Yugoslavia and figuring out what to do when I land in Dubrovnik.

After landing in Munich, I took out 100 Euros from the ATM to make sure my debit card worked – no problems there. I then grabbed some breakfast (although it still feels like 3:00 am Eastern time) at a small cafe in Terminal H and made sure my Capital One credit card worked – again, no issues there. (I got a Capitol One card since they don’t charge any foreign transaction fees, normally ~2%).

Breakfast in Munich airport:
Sliced pretzel with butter, chocolate croissant, strawberry smoothie

I still had about an hour to kill before my flight, so again, it was more of that documentary. I feel like I’m cramming for an exam in college. At least I got to practice my Japanese a bit on the Munich flight.

The flight to Dubrovnik was short and had some good views of the Adriatic sea outside of my window.

Croatian coastline

I arrived in Dubrovnik around 12:30pm, pretty close to on time. I went through border patrol without any trouble and there wasn’t any customs check for declared goods, so I just walked through. My checked bag came about 20 minutes later. I ended up repacking my stuff before getting on the shuttle to the Old Town walls and I arrived in Dubrovnik town center at 1:50 pm.

More to follow…

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