Day 15: Reims/Mons

I left for the train station around 8:00 this morning for my 9:15 train. I got there a little bit early and saw Josh there – he’s headed south-east near the German border and then going to Switzerland. I didn’t have much trouble finding my car this time. There was a TV screen with a layout of the train which showed which platform corresponded to which car. My train left exactly on time – not a minute early or late. They close the doors two minutes before the scheduled departure time so if you miss that, it looks like you’re taking the next train. I took the train back to Paris, and then took another train to Lille Flanders in western Belgium. From there, I took one more train to meet my Great Uncle Tom in Mons.

Once in Mons, we walked around the city center (they had a huge festival going on) and then drove to their house. We had a great dinner with turkey, baked potatoes, and corn followed by some cake and lemon ice cream. It’s nice to have a home cooked meal for a change. Tomorrow I believe we are going to Bruges and looking at some World War I battlefields – should be a good week.

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