Day 8: Paris Update

After lunch, I crashed and went to sleep until 7:00pm. Because Paris is so far north, it has very long days and doesn’t get dark until around 9:15pm, so I had a couple more hours of daylight. I took some picture of Notre Dame in the soft lighting created by the setting sun and then walked west towards the Louvre. I saw an Asian lady taking pictures by herself and asked her to take some pictures of me. Neither of us could speak French (and she couldn’t understand my English) but I did get some good pictures.

The rooms aren’t anything special with four bunk beds and a small shower but the location is great. It turns out my hotel is closer to the center of Paris than I first thought – I can see the Seine river and the top of Notre Dame from my third floor window. I only have one roommate, a guy about my age from France and our conversations are pretty limited; he speaks about as much English as I do French. But I don’t mind traveling alone (obviously) and have plans for my next couple days in Paris. Tomorrow I am doing a wine tasting and going to the top of the Arc de Triumph. On Tuesday, I am taking a walking tour of Montmartre, and then I am spending Wednesday in the Louvre and other museums. Time to go to sleep – its 1:00am here (early Monday morning) and I’m going to wake up early and take pictures with the good lighting from the rising sun.

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