Less than a week left

I fly out in 6 days at 5:10pm out of Charlotte with a direct flight to Munich! I’ve got some last minute planning to do in the next week, but I think I’ve got a pretty good foundation:

I’ve actually been sending private messages to people on reddit.com/r/travel who have posted about where I’m going. It’s nice because they’ll give me a personal account of how to best see the cities I’m going to and things not to miss. Here’s some tips for seeing the waterfalls in Plitvice National Park:
I’ve got some more details to work out, but what I really need to do is make sure everything will fit in my backpack. I’m taking an obscene amount of camera gear and lenses, so it will take priority over other stuff in my bag like clothing. Even though I’m going for 15 days, I think I can get by with 4 pairs of shorts and just find a place to do laundry.
Other than that, I think I’m pretty close to being ready!

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