Panoramic views and sea kayaking

I slept until 9:30am and took the time to fully recover from the flight. I stopped by a small bakery store and got some pastries for breakfast. No idea what they were or what was in them, but they were good.
Pastry breakfast – 28 kuna, $5

I then took the cable car to Mt. Srd, which looks above the city. It has some beautiful views and it cost 120 kuna for a round trip ticket. Instead of staying at the cable car station at the top, I hiked about 1/2 mile on the road going back down to get some better views.

View from the top of the cable car station
Overlooking the city of Dubrovnik
This setup…
Got me this view – full size available here:

I then went back to my hostel and dropped my stuff off, and got some lunch before going out to go sea kayaking.
Wish we had these in the states
40 kuna, or $7

We started near Fort Lovrijenac and headed out towards the island of Lokrum. We stopped occasionally and our guide would tell us about the history of Dubrovnik, from the building of the city walls, to the Yugoslavian wars and the Siege of Dubrovnik – see upcoming post about history lesson.

We paddled around Lokrum island, stopping in one cove and them we rounded ‘sausage beach’ with plenty of sunbathers of a certain gender – sorry, no pictures of that.

Sea kayaking was 230 kuna, or $40 – definitely worth it!
We continued to the shore and stopped in another cove and pulled our kayaks on shore. After eating a lunch they packed for us, we went snorkeling for about 30 minutes. The water is much clearer than I thought – you can see the shadow of boats tied in the harbor.

We then paddled back to where we started about 2.5 hours earlier. I went back to my hostel and showered, then grabbed my camera and set out again.

For dinner I went to a Bosnian restaurant named the Taj Mahal. This restaurant comes highly recommended from a number of different sources, including the girl working the front desk of my hostel. And despite being Bosnian, this is considered one of the better street restaurants in Dubrovnik.

I ordered the cevapi, grilled vegetables, and a beer. The food was very flavorful and the service was quick, but not overbearing. I want to get one nice meal in each city I visit, and this is what I chose for Dubrovnik.

230 kuna – $35

After dinner, I took the cable car to the top of Mt. Srd again to get some nighttime pictures. I decided not to tour the museum, I’ll do one tomorrow instead.

I stopped by a restaurant at the top and got a table right near the edge which had some great panoramic views. I got some drinks – a mai tai, then a mojito. After taking in the view, I took the cable car back to the Old Town. I walked the Stradun and got some more ice cream. Ice cream scoop count: 4. Days traveling: 2

Tomorrow i don’t really have anything planned. I need to look into getting bus ticket when I leave on Tuesday, but other than that, I’m pretty open.

It’s going great so far!

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